Welcome to the most wonderful story goes that the world could invent !

And our Hero is ... [Are You Serious ?!] ... ... The hero is you...

So ! you're our strongest hero travel through time and find the relics from past technologies ?
We hope you understand quickly what happens, anyway, we do not ask you thinking but smashing the no-friendly vilains who keep our relics ! It's so easy, No ?

The Mighty Quest for the Ultimate Sword Over 9000 in the Chronicle of Time !!

//The Special Attack are not bind, you must bind it in the game settings\\
//You need to kill 50 enemies and the boss of the stage to win the ancient relic !\\

*Need Some Sleep for the rest of the description Sry =)


NTMQFTUSO9000ITCOT_Windows_v0.1.1.zip 53 MB

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